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  • Synxtreme FG-2 Spray
NLGI #2, Calcium Sulfonate grease
Part No. L0305-063
  • Biodegradable Penetrating Oil
Multi-Purpose Lubricating Fluid
Multi-purpose, biodegradable, penetrating oil
  • Chain & Cable Fluid Spray
ISO Grade 32, Penetrating fluid
Penetrating oil for roller chains, wire ropes, latches, pins, hinges
  • FGL-1 Spray
NLGI #1, Aluminum Complex grease
Multi-purpose food grade applications
  • FMO-350-AW Spray
ISO Grade 68, USP White mineral oil
Hydraulics, Chains, Gearboxes, Air Line Lubricators, General Oiling
  • FMO-85-AW Spray
ISO Grade 22, H1 Registered penetrating oil
  • FP-150 Spray
Thick, tacky, dripless, H1 Registered Food Grade Spray
  • Gear Shield Extra Heavy Spray
NLGI #3, Lithium/Asphalt grease
Heavy-duty construction, racks, pinions, slides, open gears
  • General Purpose Food Grade Silicone Spray
Silicone for food processing equipment
  • Marine & Auto Guard
ISO Grade 7, Mineral Oil
Moisture displacement, wet start applications
  • Metal Working Fluid
ISO Grade 32, Mineral oil
  • Oil Well in a Bottle
Multi-purpose penetrating oil