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Petro Wasl Trading Co

About Our Company

Exclusive Distributor In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
We are the exclusive distributor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the following well known brands

Petro Wasl Offers A Unique Blend Of Global Business Experience And Local Market Knowledge. Petro Wasl Helps Companies And Clients Optimize And Automate Business Processes And Operations By Supply High Quality Engine Oils, Motorcycle Oils, And Industrial Oils.

Our Mission

We are focus to keep your equipment’s running and to achieve the maximum productivity without shutdown. We supply the highest quality products to keep things moving and make your job:

  • Faster
  • Reliable
  • Lower downtime

Fiske brothers refining company

Lubriplate lubricants company

For 150 years, our company has manufactured and sole only the highest quality lubricants to all types of industry. The advanced of ISO-9000 has given us the opportunity to prove that’ ’we practice what we preach. ’As an ISO-9001 registered company, all of our employees have totally committed themselves to developing, manufacturing and selling quality product that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to maintaining ISO-9001 certification provides as with a bright and strong future. We appreciate your work to earn and maintain your truest.



We are expertise in high quality maintenance products to keep your engines moving without shutdown by supplying the best quality lubrications and to repair your machine if cracks appear the highest quality welding electrodes.

By using our specialty products, you get the following advantages:

  • High productivity.  
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Extended Equipment’s & part life